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Every job for wildlife treatment is different every time. Every job is customized to the type of animal and the needs of the client. Treatment can range from as little as one week or as long as several months. There are lots of animals that are state and federally protected or are on the endangered species list so they can't be dealt with normally or at certain times of the year. Almost all jobs are different but any exclusion work comes with a one-year guarantee. We also offer exclusion packages for buildings that are invaded often or that have many large openings or gaps in the structure. These packages are a large upfront cost with a yearly belated check up fee to inspect the work and fix any problems.

Wildlife treatment is accomplished only with a full inspection and in some cases a charged inspection. If the problem is not obvious and takes time to find then a charge is applied.


We usually do live trapping and release but sometimes trapping is not an option. If baby animals are involved we hand the infants over to the Bi-State Wildlife Hot-line, to whom we also ask the customer to donate to as we will donate to their cause as well. We also offer wildlife consulting in large scale scenarios (e.g.. deer destruction, coyote problems, etc..).

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