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T.Ex.S. was founded by Nathan Hammond in 2011 and formed formally as a viable company in 2012. Nathan graduated high school in 2005 from Washington High. Since then he has been on a mission to try new things and find ways of improvement. Nathan started in the pest control industry in 2009 working for a prominent St. Louis based company. After learning the ropes of the industry and thriving under the company he decided it was time to leave and continue other opportunities.

Nathan has been focused on creating new, viable ways of doing business that focus on the customer and are financially successful opportunities. When Nathan started on his own he took a great risk in the pest control market. In a market that is saturated with companies that are already prominent he knew he had to change the way business was done in order to make a difference. When Nathan founded T.Ex.S., he focused on ways to help individual people make a great career in the industry and be focused on continued growth, because let’s not kid around, money talks. Forming this concept he knew he would have to change the business model of a typical pest control company. After being focused on this for over a year he found his answer, he would build the company and hand it over to another individual. In doing so Nathan would successfully franchise and partner with another like-minded individual. By doing this we create the best business model not only for the new owner but for the customer especially. Therefore, through successfully continued partnerships and franchises, we duplicate our business model and promote our company, never changing how we do business only replicating it one owner at a time.

Not all individuals are perfect owners and we have a lengthy and rigorous process of choosing our owners. Our main determining factors are good character, honesty, work ethic, ambition, friendliness, and personal attitude towards life and others. By franchising the customer is still and will always be the most important aspect of our business. You will never be a number or an account in our company, you are our friend and we are here to help.

Nathan knew this was a risky move because it has never been done before. By revolutionizing the pest control industry's business plan T.Ex.S.’s is poised to take the market by storm. Many people love the mom and pop shops but too often they get too big for their britches. Next thing you know some new hire is at your door asking to come in and you had no idea of the switch. Consequently you feel let down and don’t trust the individual.

The Business Model

The business model presented as T.Ex.S. is a forever holdable company. There is no absolute way we handle business, its forever changing on two guidelines.

  1. The customer comes first. Policy and guidelines can only change after careful consideration to the customer's perception of the company and our ability to satisfy our customer’s needs. We will always feel like an owner Operator Company no matter how large we grow.
  2. Our owner/operators have the opportunity and ability to grow as large as they want. We will always be growing and the need for our company to grow and evolve with our customers is always present.

Always looking to improve and grow, Nathan pursues further education through books, mentors, seminars, etc. He has a personal mentor who helps guide him through business ethics and decisions. Furthering his personal education, Nathan is always on the lookout to improve not only himself but the business as well.

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